Indoor Air Quality

- Products that integrate into your HVAC system to purify your air.
Indoor Air Quality: Is It Really That Important?
We all grew up without this, so why the current urgency? Is it just marketing hype from the HVAC industry?

Actually, beneath the marketing noise, there are solid reasons for considering indoor air quality products for your home. The newer your home, the more tightly it is sealed. Why? To conserve energy. Energy Star® even publishes information about proper sealing of residential homes to help save our natural resources. With modern homes built to be energy efficient, they can also be a breeding ground for mold spores, pollutants, viruses and more.

When you spray powerful disinfectant in the bathroom, do you think those chemicals just go away? When a child is sick with the flu, does the virus stay confined to their bedroom? The answer is no. Chemicals, pollutants, pet dander, viruses - all of these can be circulated round and round through the entire home when you do not have any indoor air quality (IAQ) components installed.
The important thing to understand is this: one IAQ product alone cannot do everything. They are not mutually exclusive.
That's right. A UV lamp doesn't clean your air - it isn't designed to. It is designed to toast mold that can grow in the damp interior of an evaporator coil. If that mold isn't killed, the efficiency of your HVAC system drops, and mold spores can get into your home air. That is all a UV lamp does. If you want it to filter your air, you will be disappointed. See the image below for an example of where IAQ products are typically installed.

CA Indoor Air Quality

Below are brief descriptions for the heavy hitters shown above. If you have questions, just use the contact form on our home page or call a local Los Angeles Air Conditioning Contractor and they can help you!

Los Angeles Air Cleaner
Advanced Air Cleaners
When you have a tightly sealed home, your HVAC system is recycling air throughout the house via ductwork which includes pollutants, mold, viruses and much more. Advanced air filters can capture and kill the flu virus, filter pet dander, pollutants, name it. They also help your HVAC system run efficiently.

Air Cleaners

Los Angeles Whole Home Humidifier
Whole Home Humidifier
Did you know your heating system can make the air in your home more dry than the Sahara desert? Dry air is tough health, comfort and also on wood furniture, paint and instruments such as a piano or guitar. Learn about Bypass, Powered and Steam humidifiers.

Whole House Humidifier

Los Angeles UV Air Purifier
UV Lamp
UV lamps, or UV air purifiers, are often misunderstood. These devices are not made to filter the air in your home but have a key purpose for keeping your indoor air clean, while also helping your air conditioning system to run efficiently.

UV Lamps Explained

Los Angeles Ventilator
Energy Recover Ventilator
Ventilators are truly amazing pieces of equipment. They are able to bring in fresh, outdoor air and exchange it with stale air from inside, and they do this with very minimal energy loss. In other words, a ventilator can take cold winter air from outside, transfer the heat energy to it from inside and pump that fresh air into your ductwork.

ERV & HRV Ventilator

*Also, to see where these indoor air quality components fit into a residential split system, visit our Los Angeles HVAC Tips page.

Conserving Energy Really Is Important
Modern products make life much easier for us all, but some of them are hurting our environment at alarming rates. Fortunately, manufacturers are taking strides to product energy efficient products and alternative energy solutions that are paving the way for a much better tomorrow.
HVAC & Energy Consumption
Your home heating and cooling system will typically eat up half of your monthly utility bill. All of your computers, blenders, lights and gadgets still will not equal the cost of staying comfortable.
What You Can Do
As mentioned above, technology is coming around with better solutions that are more affordable than ever. Even the most expensive green options, like geothermal and solar energy, are become more affordable every day. Homeowners who cannot afford a new, more efficient HVAC system can still take steps to save energy, like regular system maintenance, enhanced air filtration and more.
Pursue Efficient Solutions
When a Los Angeles AC contractor comes to your home for service work on your heating and cooling system, what is the goal? To save money with the lowest cost fix for a problem? Not the best plan.

Homeowners need to enable their CA HVAC dealer to provide efficient, energy saving products. Often, a dealer is hammered with customers who just want the lowest price. This forces them to put in cheap product to satisfy customer demand. This in turn just prolongs poor environmental practice nation wide.

If you are in search of a local dealer you can trust, check our list of recommended contractors: CA AC
Geothermal Energy
The greenest way to keep your home comfortable is definitely via either solar energy or a geothermal heat pump (GHP). A GHP uses the constant temperature of the earth as a renewable energy source, exchanging energy during the different seasons to keep your home comfortable the same way a normal electric heat pump would. Renewable Energy
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